Matthew Dixon, Bruce Kelly, Marvin, Leon Brown, Robbie Johnson 2019

Matthew Dixon 1st Place Bruce Kelly 2nd Place 2019


Matthew Dixon —-1st Place 2019

Bruce Kelly —- 2nd Place 2019

Deaf Charity Golf Tournament 2017












Deaf Charity Golf 2018 – Ernie, Fred, Bruce, Leon, Paul, Tim

Deaf Charity Golf 2018 Fred Adams – 1st Place Ernie Slater – 2nd Pla

They received 1st and 2nd places

Luke and Bruce received 1st Places

Paul and Leon received 2nd Places

Deaf Spiritual Leadership Camp 2017

DSL Camp 2018 Deaf Teens

DSL Camp 2018

Deaf Spiritual Leadership Camp 2016

Deaf Teens 2016

Deaf Teens 2017




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